What is a Hackintosh?

Three Notebooks running Mac OS X

Hackintosh means a standard PC running Apple’s Mac OS X Operating System

Many people think it’s not possible to run Apple’s Mac OS X Operating System on machines other than the ones Apple sells under their brand. And that’s been true until a few years ago, when Apple switched from it’s proprietary Power PC architecture to “standard” X86 hardware.

Since then, Apple’s computers such as the MacBook, iMac or Mac Pro series contain the same parts as any other Intel compatible PC. And although Apple uses some software and hardware modifications to try and stop people from running their OS on standard PCs, they can’t stop the Hackintosh¬†(from Hacking + Macintosh) or OSX86 (from OS X + X86) scene from finding successful ways to run OS X on all kinds of desktops, notebooks and even tablets.

And although your success in hackintoshing a PC mainly depends on the availability of drivers for components such as the mainboard and graphics, sound or wireless cards, many have been successfully building their custom Hackintoshes — some even more powerful, with more features or in form factors Apple just doesn’t offer.

So, there are lots of reasons why one could consider to build their “really custom built” Mac, but one of them – and I would say not the least – is the joy of sharing your progress, findings and problems with the community, so people from all over the world can participate, help and learn from each other.

About Mystique Mac

MystiqueMac Logo

MystiqueMac &nadsh; The Hackintosh Community

Howdy Hackintoshers,

long time no see :)

For years, Mystique Mac has been one of the most popular resources for people who want to install Apple Mac OS X on standard PC hardware. Unfortunately, Mystiquemac.com has been shut down in Mid 2013, most likely because of¬† massive spam problems on MM‘s popular forums. What a shame!

When I realized that MystiqueMac had been shut down, I felt it was a big loss for the Hackintosh community. That’s why I decided to grab the domain and try to bring new life into the site. I’m sure there are still lots of people who want to enjoy the benefits of Apple’s Operating System, but don’t want to be forced to use (or simply can’t afford) Apple’s expensive (yet high-quality) hardware.

So, what I’m planning to do with this site is:

  1. Compile useful OSX86/Hackintosh information from all over the web
  2. Create Guides and Tutorials on installing OS X on various PCs/laptops/notebooks
  3. Re-Establish the forums (if users are still interested)

Please note that I’m in no way affiliated to the original owners of Mystiquemac.com. Actually, as of now I haven’t even been able to find out who they are. If you happen to know anything about MM’s former owners, I’d really appreciate you to contact me.

Also, if you’ve got any article, tutorial, video, blog post or other kind of information you would like to share with the community, feel free to comment on the articles, answer our polls or contact me at any time.

With your help we can make this a useful resource for anyone interested in the topic, and I might even be able to get hold of Mystique Mac’s original forum posts and make them accessible to the public again. Granted, chances are low but let’s at least try :)

Alright, let’s go hack that ‘tosh!